Guanlan Original Print Base Residence

Guanlan Original Print Base
Yuxin Rd, Guanlan St.,Longhua
Dist Shenzhen. 518110, CHINA
January 2015

“Guanlan Original Printmaking Base is located in the hometown of famous printmaker Chen Yanqiao, the pioneer of Chinese New Woodcut Movement; as well as a renowned art theorist and educator. It is jointly established by the Shenzhen Bao’an District People’s Government, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Artists Association. They decided to build a national original printmaking base with creation, production, exhibition, collection, communication, research, training and market development as one union of China’s Prints Industries.

Initiated in 2006 and officially open to the public in May, 2008, the printmaking base covers a planned area of 1.4 million square meters and a core area of 316,000 square meters. Restored from ancient Hakka dwellings of more than 300 hundred years of history, the printmaking base is a comprehensive project integrating print creation, printmaking, exhibition, collection, communication, academic research and industrial development which combines both printmaking undertaking and industry. Guanlan Original Printmaking Base is the first choice for artists where they can concentrate on their creation.Printmaking Village, the core area of the printmaking base, was officially opened in May 2008.”

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