“Traduciendo el contexto” (Translating the Context)

Essay in
“Zapopan: Políticas Culturales para el desarrollo de comunidad en áreas metropolitanas” (Zapopan: Cultural Policies for Community Development in Metropolitan Areas)

Commissioned and published by the UNESCO/United Nations for Education, Science and Culture at its Office in Mexico. Book/Soft Cover. Available also in UNESCO’s Digital Library. 2018, Spanish


“Thanks to the collaboration established with the Government of Zapopan, UNESCO has advanced in an international reflection on issues about cultural policies in metropolitan areas (…) This volume gives an account of the plurality of views on citizen participation as the basis of municipal policy planning and where culture becomes the articulating axis of urban sociability.

“Translating the Context”, Alicia Candiani’s contribution for this book, reflects how the Artist-in-Residence Programs act as “areas of intersection” that allow to project regional perspectives at a transnational level. In a world in which geographical limits appear diluted, the mobility of artists together with the interest in professional development and cultural exchange make residences a key factor in both, culture and contemporary artistic practices. The consequent “negotiation of diversity” that occurs with these exchanges is especially important for developing countries as those in the Latin American region.

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