The Fluttering Ways | The Ways of Flutter

3rd International Triennial of Graphic Arts Prague 2001
Adria Palace
2nd floor, Jungmannova 31. Prague 1. CZECH REPUBLIC
12.10-20.11.2001 | Opening: October 11, 5pm.

Lynn Allen (USA), Alicia Candiani (Argentina), Richard Dury (UK-Czech Republic),Dorota Folga-Januszewska (Poland), Simeona Hošková (Czech Republic), Walter Jule (Canadá), Benoit Junod (Switzerland), Elaine A. King (UK),Dragana Kovačìč (Serbia),Júlia N. Mészáros (Hungry),Breda Škrjanec (Slovenia) and Eva Trojanová (Slovakia).

Organized by:
Inter-Kontakt-Grafik Association in collaboration with the City of Prague and the Department for Cultural relations and Czechs Living Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Czech republic.

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