Self-Portrait Project

“There’s no reason not to check out the beauty, the inquiry, the self-awareness, the reflection, the profundity, the whimsy of Self-Portraits: An International Project and Traveling Exhibition”

The Self-Portraits Project is a project/ work-in-progress that Argentine artist Alicia Candiani has been developing since 2006. In this project worldwide artists have been addressing controversial issues–including cultural and sexual identity, race, gender, clan and class–that deal with the self and the body through their self-portraits. The aging and illness processes, the construction of gender and race through stereotypes as well as self-portrait art history’s images appropriation, among others fascinating in puts on the artists and their context, have also been explored along the project’s journey which spans 11 years. Today, it includes 100 artists with 13 citizenships, who speak seven languages, and have produced 100 pieces during 9 sessions, hosted by major art institutions in six countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Sweden and Spain.

The project has an ongoing output: a mural installation organized in nine main assemblages: Politics / Identities / Dreamland / Territories / Languages / Ironies / “Mise en Scène” / Wounds and Displacements. This piece, in the format of a traveling exhibition, is touring the world. It has been already exhibited in Alaska, Canada and Spain.

Get to know more about the project and the artists involved in the BOOK-CATALOGUE

Check the WEB PAGE

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