Bienal de San Juan del Grabado Latinoamericano y del Caribe | Premios 1970-2001 |

Museum of History, Anthropology and Art
University of Puerto Rico
Rio Piedras Campus, San Juan. PUERTO RICO
20.09 – 20.12-2015

In 1995, my work “The Awakening of the Servant” won the prize of the San Juan Print Biennial of the Latin American and Caribbean. At that time, the biennial was a mecca for all Latin American artists, where an exclusive group of them ‘as Liliana Porter, Antonio Seguí, Mauricio Lasanski, Jose Luis Cuevas, Ignacio Iturria, Rufino Tamayo or Sergio González Tornero- were among its first prizes. The award was a turning point in my career, the beginning of many projects in Puerto Rico and my definitive link with the art and the artists on the island.” ALICIA CANDIANI

As the title suggests, Premios de la Bienal presents a panorama of the works that were awarded throughout the 30 years of existence of this important event. The exhibition, a selection of the 93 awarded artists, represents thirteen biennials through three decades, thirteen countries including 60 works by 58 Latin American and Caribbean artists and more than 20 printmaking techniques. It was organized by the University of Puerto Rico’s Museum of History, Anthropology and was carried out with the collaboration of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in greeting to the 4th Polygraphic Triennial of Latin America and the Caribbean. As part of the educational program, a series of talks, guided visits and art workshops will be held by members of the artistic community.

Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte. University of Puerto Rico. San Juan, PUERTO RICO

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