“Geo Codes”

The History Museum and the China Academy of Art
218 Nanshan Rd
Hangzhou, China

ALICIA CANDIANI. “East in My West”, works on left and right panels.
The History Museum at the China Academy of Art. Hangzhou (West Pavillion), CHINA

“Geo-Codes:  Mapping a Practice in the Post Print Age” is an exhibition curated by artists Catherine Bebout (Professor of Art, Montclair State University ,USA) and Karen Oremus (Associate Professor, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E) and exhibited at the History Museum, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China as part of the exhibitions and related events planned for IMPACT9 during September-October 2015.

Sara Bahshaw (UK), Gavin Bailey (UK), J. Catherine Bebout (USA), Alicia Candiani (Argentina), Paul Catanese (USA), Tom Corby (UK), Deborah Cornell (USA), Mariha Bin Demithan (UAE), Kai Lee Liu (Honk Kong/USA), Karen Oremus (USA/UAE), Leigh Ann Pahapill (Canada/USA) and Barbara Robertson (USA).

Curators’ statement: The boundaries that once defined printmaking and its notional definitions have evolved exponentially in the post print age to being inclusive but not limited to a myriad of constellations within a professional practice. Progressive forms of printmaking are shaping the future of the medium along with the interactive communication mechanisms, creating a rich tapestry of meaning. Each of the artists represented in “Geo-Codes:  Mapping a Practice in the Post Print Age,” has explored the discipline in new ways, mapping and charting their own subjective experience in a manner that is inclusive of past, present, and future forms of visual expression.

IMPACT was established by the University of West of England (UWE) in Bristol, UK in 1999. IMPACT stands for ‘International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking, Artists, Concepts and Techniques’. IMPACT9 International conference  was held in China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China. The conference theme was ‘Print in the Post Print Age’.

China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, CHINA

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