Ka kulisami | Behind the Curtain | 18-09-30.10.2015

ALICIA CANDIANI | As Hibiscus | 2015
ALICIA CANDIANI | As Hibiscus | 2015

Ka Kulisami | Behind the Courtain is an exhibition which provides an important addition to those organized within the frameworks of the Main Programme of the International Print Triennial – Krakow 2015. It gathers works by artists who worked at the jury panel that designed the Main Exhibition of MTG – Krakow 2015, as well as the exhibition of the Grand Prix of Young Polish Print – Krakow 2015, those who offered the Society their advice and support by working with the International Experts Council, as well as those who as members of the Executive Board of the Society actively promote Polish and international printmaking both in Krakow and all around the world.

Modhir Ahmed (Szwecja), Andrzej Bednarczyk (Polska), Alicia Candiani (Argentyna), Vladimiro Elvieri (Włochy), Stephen Hoskins (Wielka Brytania), Tomasz Korczyński (Polska), Ingrid Ledent (Belgia), Bogdan Miga (Polska), Richard Noyce (Wielka Brytania), Carinna Parraman (Wielka Brytania), Leonard Pędziałek (Polska), Krystyna Piotrowska (Szwecja), Endi Poskovic (USA), Monika Wanyura-Kurosad (Polska), Lars Yeudakimchikov Malmquist (Szwecja).
The exhibition showcases a diversity of creative personalities and aesthetic approaches, whose richness contributes to the multiplicity of initiatives undertaken by the Society and to the visual diversity of exhibitions organized both as part of this edition of the Krakow Triennial, as well as within the frameworks of the International Centre for Graphic Arts in Krakow.
It is an exhibition that introduces those who with their knowledge, skills, and activity contribute to the development of the Triennial and whose efforts are usually hidden from public view. It is also an invitation to enter yet another dimension of the magic world of printmaking, which presents its many faces during the International Print Triennial – Krakow 2015.

International Centre for Graphic Arts in Krakow. 29, Main Square, 2nd floor, Kraków

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