IAPA 2019

Guizhou Art Museum
168 Beijing Rd, Yunyan Qu
Guiyang, China

The IAPA 2019 Invitational Exhibition is a selection of 120 Chinese and international artists (from the 223 invited in 2018 IAPA International Exhibition), covering Australia, Ireland, Argentina, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, Russia, South Korea, Canada, United States, South Africa, Nicaragua, Japan, Serbia, Spain .

On the basis of the “complete image”, the second exhibition will focus more on the discussion and confirmation of the concept of printmaking and the way of understanding based on different cultural backgrounds. The exhibition tries to carry out dialogues and exchanges about tradition and cutting edge proposals in the research and creation of works with print media around the world as well as to explore the latest print media practices and academic ideas.


The Guizhou Art Museum, rebuilt on the former site of the Guizhou Provincial Museum, is serving culturally a local community and is a host of public educational activities. With a total area of 16,000 square meters, Guizhou Art Museum features a main exhibition hall, a secondary exhibition hall with constant humidity and temperature control, a third exhibition spaces utilizing natural light and a functional basement storage area.

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