Jury Member
June 18 to June 30, 2019
Jean Jaures 361, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The third edition of this award aims to stimulate the production of emerging artists and disseminate artistic print media practices, as well projects employing the multiple, both traditional and innovative in their technical, formal and / or conceptual aspects.

MARINA CONTE, organizer

3rd Edition 2019
JURORS: Alicia Candiani | Ana Gallardo | Tamara Stuby
CURATOR: Esteban Alvarez

PJG exhibition at PANAL361, Buenos Aires, Argentina

On May 8th the jury selected 21 artists among 200 applications that were part of the 3rd edition exhibition and prize. These are:Mailén Amigo, Antonella Andreoletti, Andrea C. Auzmendi, Denise Carner Lorenzo, Juan Castillo, Maira Contreras, María Belén Corso, Francisco Estarellas, Santiago Fredes, Analía Godoy, Ceci Leiva, Abel F. Mamani, Facundo Medina, Julia Mensch, Gabriela Muollo, Micaela Muzi, Clara Passalacqua, Joaquín I. Posadas, Juan Reos, Carla A. Scerbo, Sofia I. Stefanu, María M. Trocello, Mariel Uncal and Alicia Valente.

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