Invited Artist
London Print Studio Gallery
425 Harrow Rd. London, UK

The World is a Handkerchief” is an international collaborative project of 50 artists, featuring a collection of handkerchiefs which explores notions of homeland, family, displacement, and identity.

The World  is a Handkerchief  A collaborative proposal rooted in a Spanish phrase (“el mundo es un pañuelo”) to express the sense that ‘this is such a small world’. In times of constant global displacements, often meaningful encounters coincide in the same place and time. This project aims to celebrate the extended family generated throughout decades of a moving art practice and education.

“Capturing wandering, often vanishing memories of homeland and reflections on displacement and identity, migrant visual narratives will settle in a soft welcoming ground to be shared, carried and treasured as a tangible memento.

Handkerchiefs are portable, foldable, simple square of cotton that, able to hold memories and itinerant narratives, have translated during the last centuries, from epic commemorations to children storytelling. Containers of sadness, loss, hope, happiness and love, they accompany us in the journey, in celebrations and farewells; they protect our wounds, they sustain tears of joy or despair.   

Willing to sustain a disappearing tradition, we have created an edition of 100 Handkerchiefs to be exchanged with participants interested in sharing their visual reflections or personal narratives on diverse notions of Home_land, family (or the lack of). Along this year, print workshops and exchanges will be held in several locations and contexts in Argentina, Jordan, England and the United States revisiting our common journey over the  past quarter of century.

The growing handkerchiefs collection emerging from this project will be presented in each new venue that hosts the event, and continue as a traveling exhibition during 2020. Supported by an itinerant practice, this project will be documented and shared in Instagram (theworldisahandkerchief.)”

“Mundus”. Photolithography and relief on cotton handkerchief. 28cmx28cm. 2019

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