Conference on Creative Economy
Panel: Mobility of artists/professionals of culture and knowledge exchange.
October 18th, 2017
Museo de Arte de Zapopán. MAZ
Prol. 20 De Noviembre 166
Zapopan. Jalisco, MEXICO

During 2017, the UNESCO Office in Mexico, together with the Municipality of Zapopan’s Culture Directorate, developed a long-term project to enable dialogue and the collective construction of knowledge among politicians, academics, cultural managers, artists, activists for human rights, the protection and knowledge of biodiversity, the rights of children, women, indigenous peoples and people with disabilities, entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society.

The event had more than a thousand attendees who gathered to reflect together with the experts and expose their most daily views and concerns,
This process was carried out in three stages:
1. From January to October: consisting of 4 sessions of dialogue in 8 round tables, on topics such as governance, cultural rights and integration of culture in development plans.
2. November: international forum with a group of experts in planning and cultural policy.
3. December to January: analysis and systematization of recommendations and good practices for the preparation of a base document for a cultural policy of the Municipality of Zapopan.

Likewise, an international declaration was generated on the role of cultural policies for a sustainable and equitable development.

Alicia Candiani during her intervention in the panel
“Mobility of artists/professionals of culture and knowledge exchange”
MAZ- Zapopan Museum of Art

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