This is My Place

International Biennial Papermade Art Work Exhibition
Palazzo Fogazzaro

Via Fratelli Pasini 44, 36015 Schio, Italy
December 2017- February 2018

An international exhibition organized by the Communa de Schio in Italy and conceived/curated by Valeria Bertesina. It was the 3rd of a series of biennial events and hosted 60 works by invited artists all over the world working with paper.

Palazzo Fogazzaro: a 1810 Italian palace, main venue of the Dicarta Exhibition


There are places of the heart, there are shelters, there’s the land where we take invisible roots, made of affection, of memory, of language and of culture. There’s the Homeland, the Motherland, at times unkind. There’s that clearing in the woods that only we know (where the agitation of being is placated). The non-place between the lines of a book, in the projections of dreams or fantasy. The utopia.

What does it mean to be home, to call a place your place? What do we mean when we say “Here I feel at home” or “I’d like to feel at home somewhere” or “I feel at home when I am with you”? If man is a social and political animal, what part do others play in this place called home?

Was there already a home, or is there one now, or is it to be built yet? And how and how many times? And many more clusters of questions, when we talk about home. The reason and the feeling of being home are just as central and enigmatic as the concept of identity. They share the abyss that pronouns are subject to when we say “I”, “we”/”me”, “us”. They constitute the prerequisite or purpose of saying and doing.
But is man really given something he can call a home? Or is it inevitably just and always an undefined longing/sehnsucht? A nostos, a journey back scattered with nostalgia. Towards home.

The inextricable coexistence of nature and culture, of naturalness and artificiality typical of the human nature, suspended between environment and transcendence, seems to be to a “den” of quietness. Therefore, nothing is as important to man as being able to feel at home.

Valeria Bertesino, curator

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