Capacity & Tension | 2017 Shanghai International Exhibition

Exhibition Hall 17. China Art Museum-Shanghai
205 Shangnan Rd, Pudong Xinqu, 200126 Shanghai, CHINA

Invited for 2nd time to participate in this prestigious international exhibition at the magnificent China Art Museum-Shanghai by curator Lu Zhiping.

“Target (Diana) I” | Etching, photolithography, Chine collé and punching
80 cm x 100 cm, 2014.
“Target (Diana) II” | Etching, photolithography, Chine collé and punching
80 cm x 100 cm, 2014

“This biannual exhibition invited artists who are rater active and of explorative spirit in the development of the ontology language of print in recent years. The coexistence and co-flourishing of new technologies and old methods and the equal emphasizing of experimental innovation and inheritance not only constructed the physical properties of print, but also displayed the appearance and spirit of print. They have pushed the print today to develop with diversification, and this is the “capacity” the exhibition this time focuses on.

The characteristic of experiment drives the modern print to cross boarder of traditional print categories. The thinking and presenting methods of contemporary arts and new technologies and artistic languages become tools and inspirations of print. As a result, the great interaction between them and the modern creations are founded. And this is the “tension” in this exhibition theme”.

ORGANIZERS: State Print Institute, Print Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association,Print Association of International Colleges and Universities
SPONSORS: Shanghai Institute for Foreign Study, Shanghai Artists Association,
CO-ORGANIZER: Shanghai College of Fine Arts, Shanghai Young Art Fair
UNDERTAKER: China Art Museum

Work pictures by Gustavo Lowry
Exhibition pictures by Eric Maiers Saline

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