Prix City of Oldenburg 2010

“Grafik ohne Grenzen” (Graphic without Borders)
International Print Network Krakow-Oldenburg-Vienna 2010
Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg
Am Stadtmuseum 4-8
Oldenburg, Germany
February 28th to April 10th, 2010

“Alicia Candiani’s work has been honored with the 1st Prize of the International Print Network (IPN) in Oldenburg. A collection of works from the series “Continents” will be exhibited at the Horst-Janssen Museum from February 28th, 2010. The award recognizes the career and work of this artist in the field of research with new media and its association with the oldest techniques of printmaking, as well as the conceptual content of the series which investigates contemporary processes of migration and relocation”.
Prix City of Oldenburg’s International Jury statement

“(…) Both in terms of content and forms, Candiani impresses with her individual and border-crossing attitude to subject and techniques and has identified an artistic language which is understood internationally”.
Prof. Dr. Gerd Schwandner. Senior Major of the City of Oldenburg

Prix City of Oldenburg
Moku Hanga woodcut and Chine collé with digital print
80cm x 100 cm, 2008
Award: At the opening of the exhibition “Graphics without Borders”, Martin Schumacher handed over the prize of the Lord Mayor of the City to the Argentine artist Alicia Candiani. Picture: Lukas Lehmann

“We have planned this exhibition with a beating heart” reports museum director Friedrich Scheele on Sunday morning in the Horst Janssen Museum at the very well attended opening of “Grafik ohne Grenzen”. It is a trilateral cooperation with Krakow and Vienna, which have also shown or will show selected prints.
“In Germany you know what you are talking about when you talk about printmaking,” said Argentinian artist Alicia Candiani when she was presented with the prize of 1000 euros from the Lord Mayor of Oldenburg. Candiani combines digital print and woodcut in her work. 
‘I am quite fascinated, I have never been to such an exhibition before’ says visitor Ilse Pundt from Varel, ‘we will buy the catalog, deal with it and then visit the exhibition again’. Art historian Andrea Vegh from Basel likes the juxtaposition of old and new techniques as well as the internationality of the exhibition.”

“Boundless graphics fascinate visitors”
by Jantje Brick. NWZ online. March 2010

The International Print Network (IPN) project is a cooperation launched in 2006 between the SMTG Krakow, Wiener Künstlerhaus and Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg. The collaborative effort involves the joint organisation and execution of graphic arts exhibitions featuring current international work, as well as the associated competitions, support programmes and publications. In recent years the graphic arts have served as the nexus of various media currents in photography, graphic design, and digital and other new print processes. Worlds of images old and new have become interlaced with one another, allowing a varied, open discourse within the contemporary printmaking fields to shape the current situation. Based on its history, tradition and significance for the cultural, intellectual and democratic development in Europe, printmaking technology has resumed its role as a centre of interdisciplinary research interest, particularly for questions related to the technical conditions of reproducible images, their dissemination and with it their societal function.

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