“Hybrid Entities: A Look at Latin American Interchanges Between Print
Media and Photography”

in Light/Matter: Art at the Intersection of Photography and Printmaking 1954 – 2017
Commissioned in 2017 and published in 2018 by Grunwald Gallery of Art. School of Art, Architecture & Design. Indiana University. Bloomington. Indiana. USA

Within a progressive tendency towards the displacements between disciplines, this essay seeks to consider the contaminations/ hybridizations/ interactions between printmaking and photography in the Latin American region after the 1960s. In a global world in which there has been a disappearance of societies/countries as “homogeneous entities” many of us are not comfortable with the restriction of talking about a “Latin American” art/ photography/ printmaking. However, at the same time, this concept has become a category that is difficult to avoid. The essay reviews key Latin American artists who have hybridized photography and printmaking in their practice, such as Liliana Porter, Graciela Sacco, Oscar Muñoz and Alfredo Marquez.

LIGHT MATTER – Art at the Intersection of Photography and Printmaking was published by the Grunwald Gallery of Art. The curatorial team reviewed the careers of more than 1,000 artists, filtering them down to nearly 100 works by 40 artists from 16 countries. The book has 72 pages, with an insightful essays from the curatorial team, Walter Jule, Tracy Templeton and Ingrid Ledent as well as Hideki Kimura and Alicia Candiani.”

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