FOCALIZATION- 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics International Printmaking Exchange Exhibition

China Print Museum. Shenzhen, China
18.01 – 28.02.2022
Curator: Zhao Jiachun

“Focalization – 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics International Printmaking Exchange Exhibition”, curated by Zhao Jianchun and organized by the Chinese National Academy of Arts, Beijing Fine Art Academy and Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, is recognized by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic Games and greatly supported by Guanlan Printmaking Creation and Education Base of Chinese National Academy of Arts, Beijing VINCI, Qingdao Art Museum and China Printmaking Museum in Shenzhen.

The exhibition invited contemporary international artists who are active in printmaking field to create prints themed on Beijing Olympic Winter Game. These works, reflecting both the artistic value of printmaking and the spirits of Olympics, will be exhibited at the Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy and China Printmaking Museum in Shenzhen on January 18, 2022 simultaneously, and then they will go on a traveling exhibition at Qingdao Art Museum and other museums.

Exhibition entrance at the China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen, China

Preface by curator Zhao Jiachun

“Printmaking has been an artistic language for recording the history and spreading civilization since ancient times. Nowadays, in an era of global integration, all countries are closely connected and share a common future, there is an even greater need for mutual understanding between countries and their peoples, and also for the modern Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. In order to celebrate Beijing Winter Olympic Games, we invited printmaking artists across the world to create arts and bring powers to the “fantastic, extraordinary and excellent” Beijing Winter Olympic Games.This themed creation and exhibition has received enthusiastic responses and supports from the artists from all over the world. The committee finally selected works of 53 artists from 42 countries, including China, Vietnam, USA/Cuba (dual nationality), Ukraine, UK, Thailand, Syria, Sri Lanka, Spain, Korea, South Africa, Slovakia, Singapore, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Palestine, Pakistan, Macedonia, Netherlands, Nepal, Morocco, Mexico, Latvia, Kosovo, Italy, Ireland, Iraq, India, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Australia, and Argentina. (…) The exhibition aims to facilitate in-depth exchanges among artists from different countries through Chinese printmaking platforms, to enhance global understandings and to attract international attentions to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the sports practiced on ice and snow. The display of these masterpieces by artists from all over the world is an expression of the artists’ sincere expectations and best wishes for Beijing Winter Olympic Games through printmaking, a form of art shared by the entire international community.”

ALICIA CANDIANI – Under the Snow– Print for the Olympics Portfolio

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