The Secret Gesture Biennial 2017

Invited Artist
Centro Culturale Città di Cremona – S. Maria della Pietà
Piazza Giovanni XXIII. Cremona, ITALY

Artists: Alberto Balletti (Italy) – Derek M. Besant (Canada) – Alicia Candiani (Argentina) – Shu-Lin Chen (Taiwan) – Agnieszka Cieslinska-Kowecka (Poland) – Manfred Egger (Austria) – Egide (France) – Philipp Hennevogl (Germany) – Kamil Kocurek (Poland) – Silvana Martignoni (Italy) – Barbara Martini (Italy) – Rob Mazurek (USA) – Jim Monson (USA) – Herman Noordermeer (Netherlands) – Endi Poskovic (USA) – Anna Romanello (Italy) – Hector Saunier (France/Argentina) – Mario Scarpati (Italy) – Yun Jung Seo (S. Korea) – Alan Sundberg (USA/Germany) + Armando Martini (Italy) – Marco Trentin (Italy) – Minjie Zhang (China).

“Cremona, capitale dell’incisione
Dal 24 settembre al 29 ottobre presso Santa Maria della Pietà a Cremona”

Once again, Cremona returns to being one of the printmaking capitals through its consolidated biennial, a reference point for artists, curators and gallery owners from all over the world. The International Biennial of Printmaking has reached its 9th edition at the headquarters of Santa Maria della Pietà, presenting a rich and varied panorama of contemporary graphic art.

The Secret Gesture the main exhibition of the biennial will include forty works, some of large format, of about twenty of the most interesting authors (invited by a special Commission) distinguished themselves in the major international exhibitions for the quality of their graphic research. In addition, this event proposes, for the 2017 edition, a new section: “Masters of the ‘900”. Presented by the art critic Renzo Margonari, it collects the works of seven artists who made the history of the art of the last century, and have had great influence on many artists. We will be able to admire engravings by Picasso, Chagall, Mirò, Hayter, Music, Clavé, Tàpies, coming from important Italian and foreign private collections.


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