Invited artist | Curatorial exhibition
Museum of Latin American Art | MOLAA
628 Alamitos Avenue,
Long Beach, California. United States
March 3 – September 1, 2019

Curated by Gabriela Martínez, MOLAA Curator of Education and Rogelio Gutiérrez, Professor of Printmaking at Arizona State University – School of Art.

Candiani´s “A Map For Your Ashes” as installed at Gráfica América | molaa | 2019
The piece has been included in the “Nuevos Rumbos | New Directions” section.


Gráfica América explores the legacy of the print shop in the Americas through over 150 works created at workshops and publishing houses in the US, Mexico, South and Central America, the Caribbean and Spain. Through four thematic sections it analyzes the establishment of print shops in ‘New Spain’, the use of print-based works in sovereignty, revolutionary and identity movements, collaborative editorial projects between artists, journalists and activists; and contemporary directions in printmaking. Gráfica América highlights how information is distributed, ideologies enforced, and the status quo challenged in the Americas through graphic arts traditions.

Political Legacies / Patrimonios políticos traces how print media—initially a tool for religious and colonial indoctrination—is also used by revolutionary movements and dissident groups to establish or challenge national and cultural identities. It includes historical and contemporary graphic works from workshops where printmaking artists engage topics like Indigeneity, Anti- Imperialism, Literacy, and Identity Movements to document, build, or deconstruct political ideas and historical events.

Editorial Vanguards / Vanguardias editoriales highlights the collaborative relationship between artists, journalists, poets, activists, and publishers at government funded university presses, renegade print shops, and grass-roots collectives. It features text and image based books, chapbooks, pamphlets, journals and zines.

Inaugural Print Exchange of the Americas / Intercambio inaugural de impresiones Americanas presents new works in a variety of printmaking processes by thirty contemporary artists affiliated with workshops from throughout the Americas and Spain.

New Directions/ Nuevos rumbos explores contemporary approaches to printmaking where artists depart from the traditional multiple and adapt matrix-based processes and aesthetics to produce mixed media, three-dimensional, sculptural, or installation works

Founded in 1996 in Long Beach, California and serves the greater Los Angeles area. MOLAA is the only museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American art focusing on strengthening its position as a multidisciplinary institution providing cross-cultural dialogue.

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