PATA | Printmaking and Textil Art [Lecturer and guest professor]

3DCinema- CNiS
Akademia Sztuk Pięknych of Art and Fashion Design
LodWojska Polskiego 121, 91-726 Łódź, POLAND
July 19, 2016

Among the activities planned for my visiting professor in PATA (Printmaking and Textil Art Summer Courses) at the Akademia Sztuk Pięknych of Art and Fashion Design in Lodz, Poland, I delivered this lecture that was in close relationship with the ideas that we developed with the participant artists in the seminary that I taught in PATA Program 2016.


This lecture introduced a wide range of international artists whose works involve print media in an innovative way while will explore their vanishing frontiers with textile art. At the same time will present a series of innovative projects made by Proyecto´ace, a non-profit printmaking studio and artist-in-residency program (located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina) whose mission is to questioning the singularity of the art object by using the reproducible capacity of traditional and/or experimental printmaking techniques and its hybridizationswith photography, new media and/or design.

“If Contemporary Art nurtures from the idea of non-specificity and non‑belonging any definition of printmaking in term of technical specificity seems to be inadequate. Today, works made by print media go further than the meaning of “printmaking”. They are situated in a “in-between” space, which not only includes technological displacement or hybridization of the practice, but also the meaning of the contemporary print itself: what matters is not necessarily the definition of the “species” that a single print belongs, nor the technique employed, nor the particular proceedings of one’s practice, but the discursive efficacy of the artwork one, as an artist, generate via print media”.

Alicia Candiani

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