Choropleth Maps: Encountering Diverse Shades of Printmaking

C.C. Juan Carlos Calderón @ Impact10.
1-9 September 2018

Río de la Pila 27. 39003 Santander, Cantabria.SPAIN

[Choropleth @ IMPACT10 was a small show as introduction to a larger exhibition planned for 2020 which includes installations and projections]

Beyond the challenges of both traditional and emerging disciplines of printmaking, this exhibition challenges the boundaries within the repeatable matrix and how diverse media, substrate materials and mapping space are impacting the globalized landscape of printmaking.

From the atmosphere to the biosphere and beyond, natural sciences and geosciences in particular have provided fertile inspiration for the artists represented in this exhibition. Their works reveal how printmaking has enabled the dissemination of knowledge within the fields of mathematics, astronomy, cartography, and physics, as well as promote understanding of complex earth systems resulting in a Choropleth Map of Practice or an eloquent manifestation of their distinctive approach to the execution, content, and interdisciplinary aspects of print media.

Catherine Bebout, Karen Oremus
“Mundis” | Photopolymer gravure and Chine collé on Rives BFK | 2018
Opening reception

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