Lecture at the Jingdezhen Ceramic University

“Translating the Context”
Invited by the Jingdezhen Ceramic University. Jingdezhen, CHINA
September 26th, 2018. 7pm

“On the night of September 26, Prof. Alicia Candiani, Argentine visual artist and member of the IAPA, delivered a lecture at the Conference Room, Ceramic Art Center, JCU. Zhao Lantao, Director of the Ceramics Art Department of the Faculty of Ceramics, and Xue Shengyan and Lu Yu, deputy directors of the Academy of Fine Arts, attended the conference along with more than 200 students. The conference was organized by Liu Lejun, Director of the Teaching and Research Section of the Ceramic Institute of JCU.

At the conference, Alicia talked about her own research experience, explaining in detail the classification, the shape, the artistic characteristics and the meaning of print media. (…) During the lecture Alicia interacted with teachers and students and the atmosphere was very lively”.


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