2nd IAPA International Academic Print Alliance Seminar | September 23-25, 2018. Jingdezhen, China

IAPA 2nd Seminar with attending delegates from China, USA, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Puerto Rico, India, South Africa, UK, Belgium, Japan, Sweden and Australia.

Among the activities organized around the 2nd IAPA International Academic Print Alliance, Alicia Candiani was invited to deliverer one of the opening speeches at the 2nd IAPA Seminar. The meeting acted as a platform to debate about different topics related with contemporary print media artistic practices such as education, new tendencies, techniques, regional situations, etc.

Alicia talks addressed the “Post-digitally and the esthetic of failure” on the basis that the Post-digital concept is hard to define; confused; unpredictable; digital and analogical at the same time; technological and non-technological; biological and informational. The post-digital is both a rupture in our existing theories and their continuation.

2nd IAPA International Invitational Print Exhibition and Seminar

Organizers: CAFA Central China academy of Fine Arts; Printmaking Committee China Artist Asociation; Jingdezhen Taowen Travel Group; Jingdezhen Taoyu Culture Development Co.Ltd.

Sponsor: Beijing Aimu Co. Ltd.; Beijing Dingyuan International Art Center

Academic Hosts: Fan Di’an, Su Xinping, Yin Ji-nan

Curators: Wang Huaxiang, Cheng Xiaoyuan

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