Janet Turner Prize Excellence in the Visual Arts

Each year the Turner Acquisition Committee selects a new print to add to the Turner Print Collection funded by the Turner Board of Directors.his special purchase is made in honor of an individual, business or organization that has made a difference to the vitality of the arts in the North Valley. The honoree’s name is a permanent part of the artist label when that print is exhibited.

The Turner Prize for excellence 2008-2009 was awarded to my work “The Awakening of the Servant”.  This addition to the Janet Turner Print Collection housed at CSU, Chico honors the contribution of the Avenue 9 Gallery. Founders Dr. Maria Phillips and Dr. Dolores Mitchell as art historians trained generations of art appreciators. They now produce art themselves and support other artists in their collective venture as Avenue 9 Gallery. Also honored was Giovanna Jackson, part of the early foundation of Avenue 9, the former Ira Latour Visual Resources curator and a printmaking supporter.



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