Honorary Citizen |Guanlan Print Artists Village

Guanlan Print Artist Village (观澜版画村)
Established by the Shenzhen Bao’an District People’s Government, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Artists Association.


On January 13, 2015 I was awarded “Honorary Citizen” by the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, an artist-in-Residence Centre in Shenzhen, China. The Guanlan Base was the first place that I visited in China when I was appointed as a member of the International Jury at the Guanlan Print Biennial in 2009.  After my jury duties I made my first residence in China being the 4th international artist that was in residency there. Since then, I have been helping to build this center and its international reputation, endeavor that I did and I do with a great pleasure since the place is amazing and I have a high respect and apreciattion for the Chinese culture.

“An awards ceremony of “Honorary Villager” was held for Alicia Candiani, an artist who had already resided in Guanlan Original Printmaking Base three times and made significant contribution to the construction of Guanlan Printmaking Base as well as foreign exchange, at print workshop at 10am on January 13, 2015. Guo Qingwen, the director of Business Development Department, Zhao Jiachun, the director of Academic Exchange Department and artists and so on were invited to attend the awards ceremony. In the enthusiastic applause and sincere blessing, we awarded the certificate of “Honorary Villager” to Alicia Candiani, a passionate and poetic artist from Argentina.”

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